[Suggestions] - Weapon stats, interface tweak, challenges.

First, I would very much like it if the click-and-drag map movement didn’t deselect the currently selected ship when you did it. That would make moving around in battle and looking at the ranges so much easier - at the moment I have to use the slow scrolling cursor keys to get the same effect.

Secondly, if there aren’t such things already (I couldn’t find any), variables to vary weapon damage based on whether they’re hitting shields, armour, or hull, would be very handy for modding purposes. I know there are already shield and armour penetration values, but this would let us mod in shield-draining beams that do nothing against armour or structure, or rail repeater drivers which are moderately awful on shield, average on armour, but utterly shred unprotected ship systems.

Thirdly, it would be nice to have an option to be sent (as a personal challenge, maybe?) a copy of any fleet that defeats one of your challenges. It shouldn’t be on by default, I think, but having the option to see how your latest megafleet was destroyed would be good. It would also be useful if the challenge issuer could toggle the option off later, once they’re less interested.

Finally, is there any way we can set how many decoys a missile releases? I should check to see whether PD on multi-warhead missiles takes out the whole swarm when it hits the lead missile or not, like it does with one-warhead decoy users, but I’d quite like the ability to make a missile which has more or less decoys than the standard 3.