Ive spent the last few days playing Kudos 2 for several hours and it is a very addicting game as it tend to suck you in. Still there are a few things that I would like to see in the game in the form of patches or by simple code tweaks that I can do on my own. (I cant read code much at all so I differ to others on finding if such tweaks are possible). Right now I have a few things in mind that would make the game more enjoyable for me and hopefully for others as well:

-Eliminate, or at least decrease the relationship penalty for refusing to go out on a social event with a friend when you have other pre-made appointments. In the real world if a friend calls you up and asks if you want to go play soccer or have a few drinks, most people will generally accept or at least not be as put off if you tell them that you have a prior appointment. In the game this is usually a class, a dentist appointment (which is one thing I do not quite understand why it is even in the game but its fine), or the bowling team you are on has a match. Of course the obvious thing to do is that if you tell a friend that and then just stay at home watching tv, you would have a sizable relationship penalty, not only for not going with them but for lying as well. Honestly the friendship and social activities are one of the high points in this game but with a few tweaks to make it easier to manage I think it would be alot more enjoyable.

-Decrease the rate that your house gets dirty. Seriously you live on your own, pets aside, no house should get dirty that fast. The pets are another issue that I will address later but if someone could find out how to adjust the price for the cleaning service so that they clean my house and not my wallet then I would greatly appreciate it. For now that is probably the simplest solution I can come up with.

-The pets add a nice touch (even if they do turn your house into a mess that needs to be cleaned at least twice a week to avoid flies). However having the option to interact with them would be even nicer. For example you can add a solo-activity called “Play with pet” (not sure if this is realistic with the fish since I have never gotten one as of the present moment.) This could maybe reduce your stress, loneliness, and possibly even make you more relaxed. Most importantly it would be a direct way of playing with your pet so that they dont act neglected when you come home from work.

Those three are the main three things that I had on my mind in my most recent session of Kudos 2. I’ll add more as they come to me if thats alright. Feel free to comment or post your own suggestions or wishes for the game.

Other than the three listed above Id also like to see such things as more options for character customization, the ability to change clothes (maybe to reflect the changing seasons to give the player a sense of what time of the year it is), more jobs (english teacher anyone, maybe become an athlete of some sort, many possibilities here), and other things that I cant recall at the moment but ill get back to you on that :D.

Well, I also have suggestions…

*There may be real estate thing. We can go and buy (or pay daily/weekly/monthly) houses or flats. More expensive houses give you additional happiness, relax, etc bonusses, and also garrage thing… If your house has garage, so your car should stay safely, or else if It doesn’t have, so there may be a theft or etc chanse. Also with real estate thing, you can move to closer to your jobs maybe…

*Also there maybe even more improvements about that, like google map thing… You can see all the bussiness and house areas also restaurants, bowling saloons, local bar, and the other areas which we go with our friends, with 2d map… Yep It may take time, but I guess these ideas may be add to the game…

Actually I couldn’t even bought a cheap ipod, or music equipments, etc like that… I’m poor at game… :slight_smile: But there may be rich friends whose whould like to move to more expensive , nicer houses with their nice expensive cars…

Thank youu

Invitations plus one! What kind of friends are these who invite me out to a bar but apparently make it clear that my boyfriend isn’t welcome? It ought to be easy to add a feature that would let you pay double for an event in order to bring along your boyfriend or girlfriend along.

The flipside would be that you’d sometimes get dragooned into going to events as his “plus one” – and these events (work parties, family birthdays, etc.) would boost your relationship but usually lower your stats.