Suggestions -

I know things will change, but I wonder if the following could be considered:

  • When you start to overproduce but can’t yet afford to do any other body than sedan, the player would like (well, is forced to) decrease production. The logical place for that would be the Chassis Assemble, but the Schedule only allows models stacked up in any order, no downtime can be added. Could a “delay” option be introduced? Right now production lines churn out as much as possible, always at 100%.

  • Perhaps the size (and thus, fame) of a company should influence the value of a car: It could be as simple as a bigger company implies it has history and reliability and so customers would more likely buy a car from bigger brands. In turn it means you as the new brand with its first model should only be able to compete at all if the prices are better (less markup for you).

  • I’ve read a bit about how visitors’ decisions are modeled. One of the factors is your markup, I don’t think they should know your markup at all: sense of value should be relative to other cars on the market (your other varieties and cars of other manufacturers). If there are 3 companies selling sedans with cheapest base model being 20k (let’s say that means a heft markup), then the customer is none the wiser. But as soon as a company lowers their markup, all other competitors have to adjust (lower their markup) or sell barely any. The above point, size of a company would neatly fit here, accomplishing growing to a large company would make it easier to not have to lower as much as your competitors do.

  • There should be an easier overview on how much you save on manufacturing parts yourself and overall whether it’s worth it.

  • Research is quite weird, why should you, a single car assembler company research basic tech? Shouldn’t it just happen in the outside world in a timeline? And you and other companies either adopt it or not… With the first company introducing it having a great advantage - the first car in the world with technology x. Then it would have to be made more complex than clicking a button to “buy” it; a contract with that supplier would have to be made, price negotiation etc. Certain tech should be reasearchable ofc like battery modules, but over time everything is researched (appearing as available) sooner or later.

  • The current way of either having an “umbrella” module like “Fit accessories” or completely breaking it down and plopping down each submodule is unrealistic: one should be able to place “Fit lights” and then route it to “Fit accessories” for the rest of the submodules working as before. Unless it’s already like that. After all, if the bigger module was able to do 6 out of 6 types, separating 1 and having it finish the other 5 should be equally possible.

Great game so far!

Totally support possibility to adjust productivity of slots which should affect also power consumption and slot operating cost for some value.

Would be also great to add possibility to track cycle time for each car produced and show report on this value.

Game is good, but it could be perfect simulation of lean production with slots productivity limits and cycle time report.

Agree you should be able to route cars to a higher level station or lower level station and if that stage has already been done to a car it doesn’t get done again. When reconfiguring my lines, I’ve definitely watched a car leave a Fit Accessories station into one of its substations and have that function performed a second time, which doesn’t make sense.