Here are some suggestions for things I would like to see Democracy 4 do.

  1. Abolish Motorists as a voting group: I don’t think this represents an actually important voting demographic anywhere? Its weird and niche and doesn’t feel like a proper constituency. In America it might be better to replace it with say “Subranites” or “Homeowners”

  2. Income Tax Brackets: as done in Democracy 3, the income tax is effectively a flat tax. It would be really nice to set various tax rates for different levels of income, or even decide the limits of the brackets themselves.

  3. More Cabinet posts: Having a larger cabinet, with customizable portfolios or titles would be really fun and better simulate parliamentary systems.

  4. Have a legislature with seats: Would just be nice to know how many seats my party has in parliament.

  5. Coailition Negations: would be nice to negotate to form a coaltion government.

  6. Introduce legislation, not just policy: would be nice to craft certain laws, not just wait for delemias. Like marriage equality, would be great to have it as a manifesto promise, then do it.

  7. Select manifesto promises for starting a new game: would be nice to have goals when you’re first starting, considering you would have won an election.