• Display what affects political group membership, even if that thing is currently at 0 influence, for example fundamentalism vs atheism should always be shown on the religious group/membership influences list.
  • borderless fullscreen
  • Keep the left tab (popularity list) sorting mode between turns, instead of reseting it to alphabetical.
  • Add policy “suggestions”, or just greyed out policies that hasn’t been implemented yet, to the lists of influences on the informational screens (also a checkmark to enable/disable showing them). For example: what would influence religious membership or capitalist opinion or GDP or Uncompetitive economy, etc other than the implemented already policies?
  • Add policy influence filter to the “implement new policies” screen. For example: only show policies, that directly affect in any way (happiness/membership) “Motorists”.
  • Make/add more obvious naming to the security tab, alternatively add icons to all voter groups and then the same icons to the security tab.
  • Crowd sound effect during speeches isn’t affected by audio settings.
  • Subdivide the difficulty slider into approval boost and other.

Borderless Fullscreen is a good idea as soon as windowed mode gets fixed.