Hi, i just bought (BETA) this game and i like it quite a lot, but i would have some suggestions:

  1. When deploying, allow for copy+paste formatione so that when i put a cruiser, 2 frigates to escort it and another 2 to stay in formation i dont have to insert another formation like this manualy, so i can just select ctrl+v and then ctrl+p it

  2. more ship classes, i know its beta so we can probably look forward to some changes but just and idea, for a year now or so i am totaly fascinated bu Honorverse stories by David Weber, thats why i would love to see not only fighters, firgates nad cruisers but things like heavy cruisers, battlecruisers or even superdreadgnuts (extremevely fast, easy to hit (if not intercepted by PD)) but strong as hell

  3. maybe som different weapon system, right now its just energy/missiles. What about fighter bay producing a squadron every lets say 1 minute?, but being heavily power demanding and the AI controled fighters not that “good” as the normal fighters?

  4. allow for more zoome out so that players can enjoy the show viewing the whole theatre of battle

  5. maybe allow for players to follow the damage of enemy ships? Either with an option in menu or by using some ship “Scan module”?

  6. i like rpgs so i would like some more intel about hits and damage done, i know this isnt an RG game but for me it would be immense fun to have a on bottom window with text like (Sovereign’s Missiles hit Avenger for 20 dmg to shield (1 of 4 ShieldGen remainng), 15 dmg to Armor and 5 dmg to hull). imagine something like in Baldurs Gate. Again shoul be on/off in menu or with shortcut so that people who wnat it would get it, and people who would like it could turn it off.

Hope those suggestions hit some ears and will help to improve the game. I think they should be all pretty easy to implement/create, looking forward to release…

I too just bought the beta and after playing more than a few normal battles and a couple rounds of survival two of your suggestions I really agree with.

1.) YES! Its rather annoying to have to manually assign formations and orders to each ship. Granted, you can ctrl+click to select multiple ships (say assigning two frigs to escort a cruiser) but it would be more convenient if we could copy and paste a formation for duplication. Its a game for geeks right? Why not have more keyboard shortcuts :slight_smile:

2.) This too. It feels weird that the largest, baddess-assed ship is a cruiser. They’re not exactly the big dog in history. Maybe in the future battleships and dreadnoughts and battlecruisers are too expensive but it would keep some more “realism” to play and I’d love to see some larger ships involved. Carriers though I don’t see a place for. They’d just use up space in your battle line without adding much. Yes, its weird that the fighters magically got to where they are without support but its workable (maybe they connect to the outside of the cruisers?)

The rest Im not sure I really agree with. Especially being able to see how much damage you’re doing and what the status is of the enemy ship. Its not realistic in any sense. You can tell when their shields down and you can roughly tell how much damage has been done based upon the smoke and “fire” on the hull. Thats good enough. Otherwise it just gets cheezy

Maybe carriers could have drone modules which arent really fighters but small unmanned and maybe replacable fighters. Like a drone bay would have a number charges and once enough drone squadrons are destroyed there are no more charges and no more drones. As for more ship classes, maybe it would be enough to just allow us to mod it, since the only difference between classes are size and turrets/bonuses. So what would be the difference between a cruiser and battlecruiser? Just more slots? You can do that right now, so theres no point. One thing you could do to differentiate between classes is to give bonuses to different modules, lets say an assault cruiser has a penalty in beam turrets and bonus in close combat modules, but that would diminish the whole point of design customisation i guess. But i agree with you if theres a suitable point to it other than different sized hulls.

This is on my ‘dream list’ of stuff I’d like to get into the game in the future.