I don’t know if this is the right part of the forum for this questions/ideas, anyway.

Playing it for a week or so, let me first say,

  • great game, that’s why I bought it.

I know It may be a lot of work changing some of the things Im going to suggest, not to mention maybe a coding nightmare, but anyway…

Some loose ideas and suggestions I’ve been thinking about while playing:

:arrow_right: * Change homes, (as suggested someware in the forum)…
This is a great idea, a variety of homes, say 10, in different parts
of any city.

(nice pic and a little info included someware on the gui, about were you live. This would also be nice when you have a car/motorcycle. parked in front of your house in the suburbs
or your apartment in the city, also suggested in the forum somewear).

(suburbs, city, contryside aso.) these homes obviously have
different standards influenting your happiness, culture (a little),
health or similar.
Depending on the quality (price) of your home, this will also cost you more at each end of the day… leaving you with
a little less “[color=darkred]after bills are paid”.

In relation to the “home” suggestion, why cant I be homeless?

  • maybe I want to be a homeless alcoholic in a game or two.

:arrow_right: * More languages
there should bee more languages, why not German (good for
Sciensjobs, engineers, or bankers ( btw. new career tip, Finance/ banks & realestate)) Spanish, Chinese (mandarin), Arabic maybe ?

:arrow_right: * More jobs & Careers
Some ideas, althought I’m sure you probably got plenty of them.

[color=darkblue]Financial/banker, realestate, stockbrocker,
Technical/builder, buildengineer,
Legal or Gov/police (needed: basic law, muscles, people skills, fitness, policeschool) or similar.

Gov/Military (people skills, muscles, fitness, health) bootcamp, survival training and so on
(and if you go to war you get a bonus or a limb shot of, or both) :slight_smile:

Gov/politician, Gov/mayor or Gov/MP or even Gov/PM? (with plenty of kudos)

Food/hotel, (from bus boy/portier to receptionist to hotel manager)
Artistic/designer, (clothesdesigner, fashiondesigner / painter/ sculpturer / Architect aso.

IT/Programmer, (Basic IT skills, Intermediate IT, Advanced IT, …IT/Systemsarchitect,
IT/Artdirector, (maybe with some design classes?))

Sports/ Professional athlet, then trainer/manager aso?.

And also in some jobs you may need a mix of different career/background to be able to get it,
for exaple, an architect needs to have technical/construction and Artistic background.
(I think I saw an actingjob once, where you had to have singing… ? perfect example of “crosscareers”.)

:arrow_right: * Different (more) cities,
Beeing able to move to different cities in different countries around
the world.
(If you move a lot you will get “[color=darkred]travel” experiance or “[color=darkred]urban” or similar.
I’ve seen some npc’s have travel as an intresst. :slight_smile:
These “urban” experience you would then need by some of the top jobs, like people skill.

The “problem” I presume is that you then have to start builing kudos’s
with new friends in that city, Why not have your old friends then visiting you at times?
(the kudos and friends in your old city should stay / degrade some,
but shouldn’t dissapear.
Say you come back after a year? all your friends cant be gone, right.)

Let’s say, besides [color=darkblue]London, say 10-15 different citys, with these 10 different “homes”,
[color=darkblue]Paris (good for chefs :slight_smile: nicer and better payed jobs in food/hotel,
(naturaly, without french you are only able to get crapjobs)

[color=darkblue]Rome, or any other major city in Italy. (restaurant/food/hotel and possibly art/designer?)
(a minimum of Italian a must, say 10 % to be able to get a job other than bus boy)

[color=darkblue]Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin or Münich, (bankers, engineers, science (min 10% german))

[color=darkblue]Madrid, (Building industry? Realy nice clubs to party and get known in. min. 20% spanish)

[color=darkblue]Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, N.Y, Boston, L.A or Miami, Tokyo, Sidney, Moscow, Copenhagen, Dehli, ??

[color=darkblue]Shanghai, (Building industry,(?) min 30% mandarin)

Now you move and have to find a new job, a new place to stay in a new city, in a new country.

(It will take you some time to be able by a notebook. Why not be able to
search for jobs online?)

(where you may have to start as a waiter or with the crapjobs until you speak a minimum of the language, although you have a good education).

  • Why not be able to do all of this search (job, home) online?

When you “move” some of your “things” may get lost and you have to buy them again, like when you have a breakin. And a moving van costs money to ofcourse.

:arrow_right: * end of year summary
What different kinds of jobs you’ve had, what you’ve learned, if your romance is “stable” or if youv’e changed girlfriends a lot…

What your friends think about you?

  • btw. I allways get, “your living a quiet and lonley life…”

and it doesn’t mater if I have been “partying/socialising” all year… or studied - bug?

And I allways get “you are a Accompished, matrialistic… whatever”
I was even popular a little while but then ‘dropped’ again to “matrialistic”
after buying some books :unamused:

  • sems hard to get any other “grade” here?
  • bug? or is it just me :confused:

:arrow_right: * CV

A [color=darkred]‘summary’ of your CV would be nice.
Your education, Kind of jobs, what other hobbies you have (Chess, bowling, kickboxing…)

:arrow_right: * Skills & windows

When you get a lot of skilles down on your left, you get a little arrow to close that part of the skillspage, (to be able to klick the ‘social connections’ )
you should be able to do that to hide all the windows if just for the reason that it feels a little weird not beeing able to hide them.
‘claustrophobic’ if you will.

:arrow_right: * Driving license

IMHO have only one solution here, put it as a class like kung fu or a french class.
and by the end pass an exam, or not, and you have to do some more “training” to pass it, depending on confidence/tiredness for example?

just to make it a little harder to get it, if thats why it is were it is.
(I find it harder to get a driverslicens then to learn french, every time,
In IRL I have a drivinglicense, but still don’t know french :unamused: )

:arrow_right: * Romance

After a year of beeing together with You’r “girl/boyfriend” If you miss that day “365”, you should ask her/him out for a romantic movie/dinner
and if you forget it, the relationship could drop by half ?

Ok, thats just a little of the things I’ve been thinking about when playing this game.
And some of the suggestions are not mine, I know, I read some of them in the forum some days ago.

Keep up the good work and happy gaming all.


I was looking for those when I first started playing. Can’t say I miss them now, though.

But what the game really needs is, a career as game developer. :stuck_out_tongue: Come on, Cliffski, how could you have left that one out. :wink:

Yes indeed, don’t worry it’s something I intend to rectify… :smiley:

If ever this was implemented, the different “regions” should have a DRASTIC effect on commute lengths.

City should have virtually no commute,
Suburbs should be normal commute.
Countryside should have very massive commutes.

I’ve learned this in real life as I’ve moved from the burbs to a rural farm. :slight_smile: