[Suggetion] New end battle result - DRAW

A new challenge end battle result - DRAW.

Battling “four tanks challenge” my ships fire upon the enemy and enemy is responding still no ships is damaged and or destroyed. This can long forever. Currently if I press escape I lose the battle although I have 96% to 75%. I would say this is a stalemate situation that could be considered as a draw.

I would say if for a certain time the percentage is not changed and values are over 50% then battle should be considered as a Draw.

Here is a screen of the battle after a long period on 4.0 speed:

Well here’s another way to look at it, you’re attacking his fleet and you are unable to break his defence and so had to retreat, I’d call that a defeat.

Another thing that might be skewing the wins/attempts on a challenge more is the fact that no matter how many times you beat a challenge you can only get 1 win and the number of attempts keeps going up which is not indicative of the wins/attempts ratio.

Who said I’m attacking his fleet :slight_smile: Maybe he tries to invade my home planet :))))))))

Then it would be a defeat for him. shrug

I like this suggestion. Being forced to concede a defeat when your forces have the upper hand is frustrating.

Incidentally the only “real” battle (and even that didn’t really get going) between opposing fleets of battleships, Jutland/Skagerrak, has been claimed as a win, loss and draw for both sides. :wink:

I think of this game as a puzzle game. Someone presents a challenge, and you try and beat that challenge. If you can’t complete a puzzle, you don’t draw at the puzzle :slight_smile:

As far as the 4 tanks challenge goes, I was demonstrating a perceived (and later proven) inbalance. The next patch should address this, and that challenge will become a lot easier for everyone :slight_smile:

Maybe you are right, but for tournaments it would be nice to have a draw option :slight_smile:

I saw suggestions elsewhere about a “real time” type of challenge. Each player would deploy portions of their fleet in phases, and each phase you would try and outguess your opponent. I think in this type of situation a draw would be a lot more appropriate.

As it stands, a person taking a challenge has a serious advantage. They can preview the layout of the fleet they will be fighting, and place their ships accordingly. If they lose the first time, they know exactly what to expect and can try again. The challenge itself can’t make any tweaks or changes. I think giving the challenge the “win” in the case of a draw is fair :slight_smile: