Sunset fighter: wha?

The Sunset fighter seems to be strictly dominated by both the Dove and Serenity fighters. More cost, equal or worse in every statistic.


but they look so much cooler.

Makes it even more of a shame that they’ll never see use.

Maybe fighters should get a “turn rate” characteristic. That might be another good way to differentiate them.


I’m sorry for this act of threadomancy, but this is, as far as I can see, still the case. The Tribe’s Sunset fighter hull is entirely redundant – there’s no reason whatsoever to pick it over Dove or Serenity. Stats below for the sake of comparison.

Cost: 37 / 30 / 34
Power: 2.30 / 3.00 / 4.00
Length: 11 m / 10 m / 11 m
Standard modules: 2 / 2 / 2
Hard points: 1 / 1 / 2

All three have the same hull bonuses.


Unless I’m missing something, this looks like a game design oversight. Can it be rectified somehow?


The tribe racial bonuses are a little too universal.

You’d think the Utopia was their only cruiser looking at most of the challenges.

related to fighters in general, the one laser cannon i find to be as useless (in that I never use it). cost is irrelavant to me and the laser has a high weight, high power use with the only benefit being its .10 faster tracking.

The pulse laser does 50% more damage than the regular. It’s the highest possible DPS weapon you can fit on a fighter.

It also makes your fighters sitting ducks.


the laser only needs 4 power, while the pulse laser needs 4.80.
this is something to be considered with most builds, since you will likely need a stronger powergenerator, which in turn will slow down your fighter.
also, the pulse laser has less than half the armor penetration of the laser, which is a huge disadvantage against armored fighters.

as for the rest, i obviously have to agree, but the sunset fighter is only one example.
others beeing the federation hawk fighter, wolf frigate, order salvation fighter, the already named far too universal boni of the tribe, half of the equipment available useless and so on…

yes, this is a little rant. with the game beeing at 1.35, it would be nice if cliffski could concentrate a little bit more on balancing instead of doing some eyecandy here and there.


ah it was the pulse laser. yea, fighters aren’t supposed to be slow. they should be like hawks: fast, sleek, and powerful. the pulse laser ain’t that.

I also second driver’s post above.


[EDIT] One way to deal with it without changing the stats of the offending hulls is to have a hull number restriction similar to the “resources restriction”. If a player is limited to a small number of better ships, eventually she’ll have to resort to crappy Sunsets or another ship altogether. /shrug

yeah that may sound like a good idea, but in the end it’s just window dressing. You would be forced to make an obvious wrong decission although you would have an alternative. The smugger option is to balance the game properly. The easiest way may be to alter the price for the obvious better/worse hull. This seems like the only practical choice given the fact that Cliff may want to hold on the special tribe hull stats.

It seems to me base power and base cost are the least intrusive fiddles - this is especially true for the fighters, where base power is possibly the most important stat. Also, to avoid annoying people with a favourite hull, adding to weak hulls would be better than nerfing the good ones.

It’s true that in the moment the ratio of hull cost per equipment cost (modules and weapons) is not really thoughtout. The hulls should be more expensive. If one paradise cruiser hull would cost 1.000 till 1.500 ‘credits’ you wouldnt see that many in challenges any more :wink: But at least you would be able to do so if you wanted to (why ever) the method Hyper mentioned would prevent you from doing what you like (if it’s a good idea or not).

a good explaination is that:

some fighters/frigates/crusiers are older than others, these would only be able in certain theaters.

if you dont like it, then simply dont use it

but to not use them would mean it was a wasted effort to make them! they are, simply, unbalanced in their values. consequently it would be nice to have the ships and weapons that are unbalanced, balanced by the dev so they’re official. I mean, i can go in and tweak the values myself, but that wouldn’t be official for online challenges and such so its not cool in my book.

Yeah and because they are older and bad and stink, they should be cheaper!


i agree with drewoid13.
the solution from hyperpower could only be temporary, especially seeing that the tribe for example gets 3 friagte hulls, of which one is totally redundant, while the rebels got 4 hulls, all of them beeing useful.
quite the same with fighters.

so buffing those is the way to go, however it’s not the players that are supposed to do it.


There are a few play balance issues that need to be addressed, and this fighter is one of those. The thing about balancing is that you need to put the concentration and focus into getting it right, so it tends to happen in clumps. There have been various re-balances since initial release, and another one is definitely due.
The next ‘event’ in terms of GSB’s development is patch 1.36, which will make changes to challenge functionality, and a new order for fighters. After that, I will turn attention more towards play balance issues. In the meantime, there is ongoing work on a big expansion / metagame thingy.
There is some natural delay between things being spotetd and highlighted, and them ending up in final, released play tested patches, but that doesnt mean that all this feedback is not absorbed,