Super-cruisers, destroyers, corvettes OH MY!

Hey all just a little update since my internet is down I have been working very hard on these ship classes and new items.

I’m VERY VERY close to releasing my Super-Cruiser ships and items. I have taken all stats and times them by 2.5 except power witch is a times by 25. how i find the new range is I take the normal cruiser weapon min, max ranges and subtract the max by the min and times by 2.5 thats the new max range. Then I take the new max range and divide by 3 and thats the min range. opimal range is max range minus min range. And then all the restance aka penetration are multiplyed by 1.5, there is a standard and reflective super-cruiser shields.

In my testing a Super-cruiser alone CAN NOT even beat the first map after the tutoral, so alone they are weak. But with a supprot fleet there longer range weapons and better defence put them above the rest. I have also been using carrier bays and fighter escourts with my super-cruisers and it works real good. Non-modifyed fighter items mind you. I will start to redo the destroyer and corvette class ships in the same manner. All these new hulls will have a 100% incress over there current stats of the following, hull, armour, shield, and 200% the power producing 1000, 500, 150 respectivly.

I wish there was a DAMAGEBOOST bonus so that I won’t have to make a new set of more powerful weapons for EACH class. OR have it were we are able to make new classes outside the “fighter”,“frigate”, and “cruiser” ones. But that might mean recoding the whiole game to make that happen. Maybe if people like the classes that i release it can be stated for a future release AFTER the campain mode is finished?


“We stoped moving!”
“Oh we are moving already. . . backward!”
"Whats that? "
Knock knock
“Nevermind that whats that?”

Hey all behold the power of ummmm the super-cruisers!!!

I have created a super-cruiser for ALL non-expasion races including models and specail items for all.

[size=200]Link updated[/size] Downloading from my Skybox from MSN. For those that want to know where the link goes.

I have no picture of the supers right now but lookie at what I have done.

Back to the super-cruisers, I have tried to ballance them as best I can, Please reread the above as it has changed a little.

the only problem when you stack things like that is that they will all target different things, would be nice if we could ‘link’ weapons to a arc of fire or a single target

Yea its true, It does look cool though. i don’t know maybe I’ll try my hand at making turrets later.

If i Was you I would use Salvo’s, As It Can Then Fire a Burst of Shots that Are Targeted at a single object

You can top it off with customising the and make a dual or quad bullet.

Try making one hardpoint with two or more turrets stacked on top of one another. This should make any weapon fire like a quad blaster except for missiles and plasma of course.

Has anyone downloaded the file and ran some tests on them As I would really like some feedback on this. I look forward tot he tons of hate posts tell me I messed up this or that and need to redo this or that to make it more ballanced. As I’m sure Cliffski will agree “The best way to test aspect of a new item is though beta testing with other people as you can not see the faults within your own design.”

That download link doesn’t appear to work.

ugh ok thanks I will redo it maybe without the tinyurl thingy.

ok its been redone, download test it out. Let me know how bad i did at it. heh I now know how to make the offline battles, and if people want it I’ll make a few with the super cruisers in them for testing.

I just tested the Imperial Praetorian Super Cruiser Hull, and this…

…Is simply not true. The first Super Cruiser I made (below) easily crushed that level on every difficulty, only taking damage on the shields. (Which were a pittance anyway.)

3x Super Cruiser Engine
1x Supercharged Engine
6x Super Cruiser Powered Armor
1x Cruiser Target Painter
1x Reflective Shield (you should change to name to reflect that this is the Super one)
1x Imperial Mega Laser Beam
2x Mega Nanobot Repair
1x Mega EMP Shield
2x Mega Multiple Warhead Missile
1x Mega Megaton Missile (New name? The recursion is a bit odd here.)
1x Supercharged Tractor Beam
4x Super Cruiser Laser

One thing that I noticed during testing in one of the “infinite enemies” levels is that a Super Cruiser with any reasonable defense at all is immune to fighters. The resistance of the Armor and Shields are so high that no fighter has a hope to defeat this. With a single (rather insane) repair crew, any damage that leaks through will just be repaired in a snap. The same applies for many frigate weapons as well. A more shielded version I built later went on for quite a ways in an “infinite enemies” level, due to it’s shield recharge rate far exceeding the damage done from the hordes of cruisers attacking it.

Gigaton missile?

not all the modules need to have “mega” or “super” in the name,just make it obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks, I will go back though and look at this closer once I get a chance too kinda been very busy running around with college and doing odd jobs to get some money to pay off the college to be able to keep my fall schedale and not have it deleted. I’ll rework it a little to allow all frigates to damage them and some fighters. After all these are bug slow mamoth shipd with meters of armor bolted onto there hulls. Maybe let the torpedos get though but nothing else and just stack on the damage absorbability, as with rework the repair modules.

I’d recommend moving the reflector shield’s reflectiveness down a bit from 40. The only thing that’s going to hit that at all are (a large amount of) missiles, and those usually don’t do much against armor.

right, i was thinking of that also, and just have the armor incressed upwards in damage absorability, reduce the uber repair module’s supply reduce its repair speed and incress its peace time,(time between repairing modules once its fully repaired one, I think).

EDIT: I’m reworking a LOT of stuff on here starting with the super-cruisers themselfs, and then moving to the modules. I plan to redesign EACH sprite in some manner to make them look more like a bigger version of the other but with some changed done to them. I plan to Lower the shileds restance, and then the repair module, but slightly improve the armor repair module. I’m also Redoing ALL the weapons for the new classes, same range as the smaller ones just more power needed and much more damage, maybe even slighlty reduce the range of the higher damaged weapons. I’m also thinking of making a NEW missle turret also “Big Bertha” Missile launcher is what i have in mind and if I can get it to work right it will be bigger than a fighter, no decoys, or other stuffs.

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