Super fast trackign speed weapon for fighters

I find it kinda unnerving that there are no fighter weapons that can hit fast fighters. at 2.8 and 2.9 tracking speed, the laser guns really cant hit the 3+ speed ships that often. I feel there needs to be a 5+ tracking speed weapon for fighters, to allow them to properly defend against all types of fighters.

what? the fastest fighters’ speeds are 1.36 or something. weapons still miss sometimes, even if the tracking speed is more than the ship’s speed. and, fighters are already deadly enough. why make them unbalanced?

Um, The fastest fighter is 4.4. Its just a rocket pack and a engine. It seems wrong that a fighter at that speed means that no other fighter can touch it. Plus at 2.8 for fighter lasers, they already hit nearly 100% of the time on frigates and cruisers. So changing the tracking speed on a fighter lasers really only affects the deadliness of fighters on other fighters.

Bump, because this is a very significant issue. A fighter weapon with low rate of fire and/or high minimum range like rockets, but with massive tracking (fighter-to-fighter missiles!) would make interceptors a valid concept while preventing them from usurping the laser fighter’s role (under-shield crits through uber-high rate of fire). At the moment, even pulse laser fighters (which are complete crap due to weight) take ages to kill rocket fighters.

Besides, you know missile-armed dogfights would look cool. :smiley:

Dropping the speed of those ridiculous rocket fighters might be a better approach. If AA weaponry gets any better, we’re virtually erasing the other aircraft types.

Fast rocket fighters would be far less nasty if they carried a reasonable number of rockets.

The rocket modules as they stand should be FAR more heavy than the beams. Far more. They effectively hold hundreds of rockets. How many tons is that? How big are the rockets?

Bump the weight of the rocket launcher until we see limited ammo for missiles. Bump it until they slow down—a lot.

The issue isn’t that rocket fighters kill things too effectively - in fact, they really only kill Frigates. The problem is that if you set your laser fighters to engage other fighters, they’ll be tied up for the entire battle with even a few rocket fighters, simply because they can almost never hit them. It just plain feels wrong.

Yeah, rocket and torpedo fighters are VB/VT (bomber/torpedo) units, and as such, they should be slower, not faster. Make the rockets heavier. Simple solution, balance restored.

If we even get limited ammo as an option, then fighters can get a few rockets—at light weight—and will be VERY fast, but will have to RTB to rearm, or they can carry more rockets and pay with speed.