Super-Mod Planned


I planned some ideas of mods, I will further develop, and upgrade the fascist power, for he is too small, I think the democracy 3 is a game that has few mods.
The establishment of N.P.S. promotes and regulates the use of the national parks to conserve the scenery, wildlife, natural and historic objects to provide for the enjoyment of future generations. Disapproved of by Capitalists and Farmers due to a small reduction in GDP and Productivity. Improves tourism the environment, appreciated by environmentalists, patriots, parents, youths and the retired. Also reduces unemployment and improves foreign relations.

Native Reservations
Disliked by Patriots, Farmers and Conservatives. Liked by Liberals, Ethnic Minorities. Improves foreign relations.

Hunting Regulations
None - Limited Seasons & Animals - Limited Seasons - Outlaw Hunting
(at Low end) Liked by Conservatives, Liberals, Patriots, Farmers and self-employed. Hurts the environment and is disliked by environmentalists and religious. Could lead to new RED event “Endangered Species”. Could also add Hunting Permit Tax as an added source of revenue.

New RED event: Smuggling person with a suitcase crossing a boarder:
Caused by high sales taxes on tobacco, alcohol, cars, gas, drugs, general sales…

Ban on Meat:
Upsets liberals, capitalists, farmers and conservatives. Improves environment/environmentalists, increases health. Could also instead do a meat tax, less extreme reaction, revenue source, decreases equality.

Age Tax:
On one end you can tax the young and at the other you tax the old/retired.

No Burn Days:
Improves the environment, disliked by liberals.

Observance entails refraining from work activities, often with great rigor, and engaging in restful activities to honor the day. Liked by religious, disliked by capitalists and liberals. Hurts productivity and GDP. Reduces work hours/days.

Civil Parades (could have one for each demographic):
Disliked by Motorists.

Bring your child to work day:
Increase capitalism, reduces socialism. Enjoyed by youths and parents.

Juvenile Courts/law:
Impacts when/if children are prosecuted as adults.

Non-violent crime punishment:

House Arrest:
Reduces the cost/need for state or private prisons, though not as effective of a deterrent. Disliked by conservatives. Increases inequality.

State Parking Meters:
Source of revenue, disliked by motorists. Increases inequality, ghettos.

Duty to Rescue:
A duty to rescue is a concept in tort law that arises in a number of cases, describing a circumstance in which a party can be held liable for failing to come to the rescue of another party in peril. Disliked by liberals, reduces crime and increases health very slightly.

Department of Veterans Affairs:
Expensive, loved by patriots and the retired.

Minority Report or Pre-Crime Department:
Making arrests before a crime is committed using psychic, very expensive, hated by liberals. Wipes out crime and terrorism.

Stamp Act:
A tax on printed materials, increases internet use, disliked by just about everyone especially trade unionists.

Self-defense classes:
Reduces some crime cheaply, disliked by conservatives.

Endangered Species Act:
Disliked by farmers, and capitalists, like by envirmentalists slowly improves tourism

Bed Tax:
A levy imposed by a local government on hotel stays within its jurisdiction. A bed tax is a way for local governments to raise taxes without incurring the wrath of voters since, by definition; the people paying the tax are out of towners who don’t vote in local elections. Source of revenue, reduces tourism, disliked by socialists and minorities, liked by patriots and conservatives.

Civil Forfeiture:
Hated by liberals, large source of revenue, decreases crime especially organized crime.

Good Samaritan laws:
Liked by liberals and socialists, improves health.

Designated Driver and or Taxi Subsidy:
Improves health, reduces alcohol abuse, and reduces road accidents. Liked by youths and socialists. Disliked by conservatives and the religious.

Ritual Sacrifice:
Liked by religious disliked by conservatives.

Public/Televised Executions:
Liked by liberals disliked by conservatives and religious, decreases crime, increases racial tension.

Public Nudity:
Liked by liberals disliked by conservatives, parents and religious.

Scared Straight Program:
Youths are shown what it’s like in prison in hopes of crime deterrence. Reduces crime liked by youths, parents and conservatives.

Subsidized Fat-Camps or gym membership:
Improves health, disliked by capitalists, liked by socialists.

Mandatory Corporate Health Benefits:
Companies are required to subsidize some % of employee’s health care costs. Hated by capitalists small-business and liberals, enjoyed by socialists, improves productivity very slowly, improves health, increases unemployment.
Modern Fordism
Modern Industrialism
Gender Equality
Ban Internet Pornography
Party-directed mediation
Pet Rights
Pets Regulations
Regulate stock exchange
Youth Tutelage
Gold Monopoly
Riot Repression
Animal Rights
Ban Alchool
Ban Pornography
Protected Property
Private property rights
Funding public arts
nationlization of oil
dress codes
special education
funding worker cooperatives
National Social Service
and Anti Terror police
government oil quotas
Urban Planning (uncancellable)
Protected Workplaces
War mod : ‘‘whattheduce!?’’ idea
Minority Culture : Jazz , Hip Hop
Dillemas :
Democracy 2 Dillemas
Simulations :
*Crime Deterrence,
*Crime Punishment,
*Crime Correction/Recidivism,
*Incarceration Volume,
*Minority Incarceration %,
*Poor Incarceration %,
*Non-Violent Incarceration %
stock exchange


Are these all new mods? or are these mods you are grabbing from other places?


I’ll try to make all requests from users, these were the orders that I found