Super Negative Honor

I was messing around in giving myself honor by editing files, and once the battle was complete it gave me negative honor.
Anyone know how to fix this?

Prayer, fasting, and absolution. At least, that works for me… :wink:

Seriously, though, run a search on your computer for a plain-text file called “unl.dat”. That file holds the list of all the items within the game that you’ve unlocked so far, and it also stores your honor score.

I’m literally on my way to bed so I don’t recall the precise directory path, but it should be found in something roughly akin to the following (take with a grain of salt):

(user folder)/Documents/My Games/Gratuitous Space Battles

Open unl.dat with a plain-text reader.
Ignore everything in the [unlocks] section; that section comprises +99% of the file. Just jump to the very bottom.
Where it says [points], the number that follows the equals sign is your accumulated honor score.
To fix the problem that raising the honor score too high caused, change that number to a positive non-decimal value that’s greater than 1 and smaller than approx. 2.147 billion. (Note: I’m not being sarcastic.)
Save the file as plain-text, and start up the game. You should have no further trouble.
I recommend that next time, be slightly less grandly ambitious with your honor-hacking. Cheers, mate; long live Trotsky. :smiley:

For the one that don’t know anything about how data are saved, it’s a succession of 0 and 1 :smiley:

This succession can be either an group of:
7+1 (==> 127 value + the variable sign of the value)
8 (==> 255 value with a non changing sign)
15+1 (==> 32 767 + the variable sign of the value)
16 (==> 65 535 value with a non changing sign)
31+1 (==>2 147 483 647 + the variable sign of the value)
32 (==> 4 294 967 295 value with a non changing sign)

It was my “Yes! I know something!” instant XD

Thanks Astro, worked great! Now to make some badass fleets :stuck_out_tongue: