Super Skin Pack


I put together some skins to go with your game. This adds 10 beautiful skins! Now I hope Cliff adds the ability to switch them during gameplay.

Here are the screenshots:
And the file : ,


Very nice pictures…your first one looks like the background for one of the arenas I added to my game. :slight_smile: Did you use The GIMP for these, or are you a Photoshop guy?

Glad you liked them :smiley: I’ve never been in a situation GIMP wasn’t enough; maybe yet. These add some glamour. I’ll work on the title screen now.
Edit-Title screen done.

This is awesome. I’ll try and find time to get this switch able in the game. It should work really trivially actually, but I’ve just spotted this post and don’t have time to check right now.
Nice one!

Hi, these work just fine, you mean add some way to toggle through them mid game? Would you mind if this file was hosted here at the games website? they look really good.

Thanks for the compliments cliffski :D. Yes, I mean toggle through them mid game. You can host them. Thank you for making such a great game!

Hi, all uploaded and linked here:

Nice work (motivation + 25) :slight_smile: , i downloaded (in Documents folder) but cant manage to install these, what should i do?

thx (sexy +15) :wink: they go to ‘Program Files\KudosRockLegend\data\bitmaps\skins’