Super Ultimate Mod, =D

So, today, I skipped into Kudos, ready for a twenty minute fix or something similar.
I work as a computer programmer for the big companies, I worked on CoD4, :smiley:

And rather then playing like usual, I played through, and noted down possible improvements, and lots of other

And I mean a lot.

Cliffski, you have done a really good job and all, so, not naggin or nothin.

But yah, I then decided to nip into the game data, and such.

Haha, wasnt as much code as I expected, or maybe Ive been into the CoD4 and CoD3 engine too many times, =O

I then decided to implement these mods, and some couldnt be implemented due to the coding…

So Ive taken it up to rewrite, and implement every mod I came up with, and some of the guys at work have.

It might take a month or two, thousands of code to input, so little time, =O

Heres just some of the things Im going to imput, and Im happy to take suggestions:

  1. over 100 new jobs, =O
  2. Over 250 new objects
  3. Over 60 new pictures for people ( I cheated, I got our art team on the job, =D )
  4. A new, slightly less clunky interface
  5. Over 50 more activities
  6. 10 new pets
  7. Ability to buy houses, sell them, ect.
  8. New code engine, well, not completly new, just refurbished, so easier to mod!
  9. Loads more.
  10. ???
  11. No profit :cry:

But yah, MegaMod coming, =D

Im also working on a mod for KRl.

I would love ideas, and Cliffski, I would love some help, =D

And no, its still basically gonna be the same game.

wow, sounds like it could be very good. Cheers!

When can i download? Sounds amazing

The mod is approximately 10 percent done, I have added about thirty new jobs and 3 new activities.

Rewriting the scripting system is hard, =C

Jobs include :
Teaching system -
TV industry -
And Im halfway through photography industry -

Well, you’d like some help and ideas, that can only be encouraged :slight_smile:

What are your priorities, what kind of help would you need the most, in which area do you need ideas?

I’m no programmer but if I can get to give a hand in other ways, it’s a go, the benefit for everybody (me included) is just worth it :slight_smile:

I just need ideas, I work AS a programmer, so code is no problem for me, in any part, way or form.
Yeah, I needs ideas for jobs atm.

Also, is marriage in Kudos?

I have a few great ideas that you may like and no unfortunately there is no marriage in the game

What categories do you need ideas in? Do you already have ideas for 100 jobs, 50 activities, etc., or do you want help with those?

**** bump ****

What’s the latest news on your mega mod ?

If you’re not done yet, how about having a diary / date thingy ?
Sort of for birthdays, etc…

Yikes, how many people got involved? So many people working on a mod for a game worked on by only one person, thats gotta feel good =D

You should try to add … a DJ job or something like that dont u think?? :open_mouth:
I f u need help let me know :wink:

Hiya. Just curious on how the super ultimate mod is going. :smiley:
I’m definently going to be watching this board very carefully.
Good luck. :smiley:

I just bought the game… so as I play I’ll take note of some ideas for you. But this sounds pretty cool so far, I hope it’s progressing well!

Awww you had to post how incredible it sounded and then have us wait :frowning: Please let us know when it’s done! Cheers! Xoxoxo!
How long you think it will take?