Super weapons\Upgrades (new modules)

Hello I’m really new and I’m trying to add super weapons to each race. Ive already got plans for the basic races and still thinking about the add-on races. Please post positive responses to this so i can try to finish this add-on/mod.
I need help balancing please.
(Things done so far.)
Federation weapon created.
Other modules created.
Alliance weapon created.
Rebel weapon created.
Topic made.
Federation weapon released. Noss cannon
Alliance weapon released. Scurge laser
Rebel weapon released. Mass mega ton missile.
Created site for mods.

(People who helped)
Want to help send me links or reply useful info to me.

How to install.
Save file to desktop.
Open the Gratuitous space battles folder where you installed it. Mine is installed at C:\Program Files\Gratuitous Space Battles
Copy/cut/move the file into the modules file. Mine is at C:\Program Files\Gratuitous Space Battles\data\modules
If done correctly you should have the weapon/module in the ship builder.

You can look at my super cruisers post and download the super modules that i have made and use them for a referance if you want too.

Well thanks that will help speed things up a lot.