Support for more socialist policies

Hello everyone,

I’m quite involved in politics in my home country, and I’ve been a democracy 3 fan for a long time. But for me and many of my socialist friends who I’ve shown the game to (and who have also become addicted), it is basically unplayable without the ‘socialist reform’ mod, given many of the policy limitations of the base game, even with the extremism DLC. If you raise taxes too high in the base game you just get corporate exodus and don’t have any solution other than to lower them again. Socialist reform gives you an alternative with moving to an economy predominantly run by the public sector.

I just wanted to help perhaps inject into the discussion several social democratic or socialist policies which I think should be included in the game, and perhaps could only become available if the Overton window was moved, I think it might be a good mechanic. I’ve noticed that the game has lots of far right policies like banning abortion and homosexuality, but there are no far-left economic policies - even in the case where the devs are looking at implementing polarization.

A few examples;
-Nationalizing banks and industry,
-New Deal public works program or ‘Green New Deal’
-Sovereign wealth fund (Such as in Norway)
-Sectoral bargaining
-Police reform policies outside of just ‘community policing’ which isn’t really quite as progressive as many think. Recent protests around the George Floyd murder has highlighted awareness of different solutions that don’t involve the ‘broken windows’ policing model
-Having more balance to work safety law and wealth taxes, which I believe have pretty disproportionate effects in Democracy 3
-Basic social/economic rights in constitution
-Balance so that greater state control of the economy reduces the negative effects of low business confidence
-Public tax returns that would reduce problems around tax evasion and black markets
-Policies to clamp down on tax havens
-Banning private healthcare and private schools
-Eliminating tuition fees
-Other ideas welcome!

Hope this is helpful to the developers, thanks!


All fantastic ideas. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

I’m all for more policies, and would like to see that too for the sake of choice, but personally makes me throw-up in my mouth a bit to read that :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :rofl: :rofl: