[support][mac] Will game run with intel 3000 graphics?

I’ve got an intel 3000 graphics card and I just wanted to make sure the game would run before I purchased it. Thanks!

You can try the demo at steam to be sure.

Offtopic, but I’m not sure it’s fair to call it a demo when you have to pay money for it, even if you can get that money back.

This card is definitely at the lower end of things and does sit below our official minimum specs. Having said that, the game is definitely more CPU and memory-intensive than it is graphics card-intensive. Therefore, if you have a fast CPU (i5 or i7?) and 8gb of RAM you might find that it runs absolutely fine.

If you are really keen on playing the game and you feel it is worth your time, then the purchase, try and possibly refund through Steam is certainly an option.

Hope that helps, :slight_smile: