Support Problem: Application Error

Hi there,

Downloaded and installed the game via Impulse yesterday and found that I’m getting an Application Error when attempting to run the game today. Full error message as follows:

This message seems to come up twice, because I have to click OK twice to dismiss the error message.

I’m running on Windows XP SP2 with fully up-to-date drivers.

I’ve not installed or made any other changes to my system after installing the game, but have tried uninstalling and installing the game again to see if that made a difference. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

Any guesses?

Absolutely no idea. Is this the installer doing this, or the game itself? It might be worth looking at the windows event log (control panel, administrative tools) to see if it has any more information in the application log. I certainly haven’t seen it before.
Do other directx games run ok on the machine? there arent really any other parts of windows the game relies upon except directx, so unless the disk is corrupted or the downloaded file is corrupted I can’t see what’s wrong.
You might have some spyware on your machine. Some keyloggers crash games that use directinput, so its worth running a full check for things like that.