[SUPPORT][PS4][BUG] Saves cannot be loaded

I’m playing Big Pharma on PS4 and I think my save is corrupt in a nasty way: my game makes save that cannot be reloaded (while pressing “X” to load a save the game just do nothing).

If I start a new game/level I can save, and in first 30 minutes or so the save(s) could be even reloaded but at some point, out of nowhere, saves become not loadable and the only way to complete the game is in one sitting while not reloading at all. This could be done in easier level but mastering hard levels in one go with no room for mistakes is just nuts.

I’m considering a wipe of all (I tried deleting and downloading again the game, even done so with save using cloud to get it back) but I have mastered 8 levels and I’ll be bothered if forced to do so.

Infos for this game are scarce, almost zero for PS4 version: any suggestion to fix this nasty glitch?

EDIT: even after wiping the whole savefile it’s happening again and again… It seems like is something unavoidable no matter what I do: if I reload my 7 masters savefile in a couple more saves glitch occurs, if I reload my 5 masters savefile glitch occurs in about 12 more saves (but after my 5 masters save I’m sure that I have saved more than 10 times, so it’s not a problem of how many times I saved in a cumulative way).

I’m still unable to find a reason for this glitch, so I can’t figure a way to avoid it at all: I’m afraid I’ll have to keep playing with this additional handicap, but this is damn wrong…