[Support][Switch] Problems in Switch Release


I purchased Big Pharma today on Switch since I’ve always like it on PC, and it is not a good experience so far. I think all the issues are addressable, but it would be hard to play for newcomers.

For example:

  • Tutorials - Text repeatedly refers to “vaporizers” when referring to “evaporators” in literally every single place. I was confused that I couldn’t find a “vaporizer” until I realized the mistake.
  • Tutorials - Refers to moving cursor over ingredient to get its concentration and info, which isn’t possible.
  • Text Readability - Bad to very bad. I play the Switch in handheld mode most of the time, and the screen is way too low resolution for the font choices being used. I’ve literally had to get my eye almost on the screen to read some of the smaller items, and there is tons of wasted space to allow for more readable text.
  • Text Readability 2 - Color choices are terrible for text. The ingredient concentration for example has white text on a light blue background and is not readable at all. Other places in the ingredient dialog have red and green text on gray backgrounds. I can’t read it whatsoever.
  • Ingredient dialogs - The ingredient info cycles though extremely fast without any user control through side effects, concentration required, etc, which coupled with the poor readability makes ingredient info unusable.
    Was this play tested on Switch in handheld mode, am I missing text size or text color settings somewhere? I got excited when this was announced for Switch but it just doesn’t seem ready. I would love a response in the vein of these issues are known/being worked/planned patch/etc.

I have the same opinion. It is unplayable. You have planned a patch?

I bought this game 1 week ago and I have the same issues. In the case of the ingredients, an incorrect “improvement” is sometimes displayed. When will a patch be released?