[SUPPORT][Win] Current Strength 80%, never 100%

Hi all, I am new to the game, second day.

Is it normal that a final product’s Current Strength never gets to 100%?
It is stuck on 80% even if the Concentration matches the Max Strength of the ingredient.

The drug has no active side effects (the cell above it is not the end of a range just the current slider).

If I +1 or -1 the concentration, it drops to 60%, when it should be 80%.

I tried it over and over again, always the same, regardless of level, achievements, no side effects etc.
Am I missing something? If I remember correctly, it used to be 100% on my first day.

This is the second column of missions - first column after tutorial.

Thank you!

Hi there, no it shouldn’t be like that. Are you using the Homeopath perk by any chance? There was a bug where it would affect the strength of cures too.

I have since fixed the bug in v1.06.09 onwards. What version are you on? You can see the number in the top-left of the screen when you open the game.

If you redownload from wherever you got the game from and reinstall, it should get you to the latest bug-free (hopefully!) version. :slight_smile:


Hi Tim, thanks for the answer!
I used the Homeopath perk, indeed, it’s a [too] powerful perk to not have :slight_smile: For easy missions anyway.

The version is 1.06.06, was via GoG. I will get an update then!
Thanks again, love the game, I sleep 4 hours a day to play maybe twice as much hahaha. Sleek design, great mind exercise.