Supreme judge career! :D

My very first career, i was going by other peoples careers aswell as the guide. :smiley:
So could you check this please?

name Supreme_judge
guiname Supreme Judge
maledesc Supreme Judge
femaledesc Supreme Judge
employer Judge ‘n’ Go Inc.
work place court
industry law
minsalary 300000
maxsalary 400000
tips 200,300
locked 0
rarity 0.50
sociability 0.7
socialkudos 0
promote0 iq
promote1 confidence
promote2 happiness
commutedistance 1
duration -1

0 = happiness 0.10
1 = confidence 0.50
2 = iq = 0.30

0 = tiredness,0.42,_TIRED_DEGRADE
1 = xp_science,0.01,_JOBXP_DEGRADE
2 = iq_problemsolving,0.03,_IQ_DEGRADE
3 = stress,0.10,_STRESS_DEGRADE

This as set out in a table in word. and my job has not shown up yet.
Help would be much apreciated, and thanks!

word ? as in MS Word ?
If yes, ditch it. Use notepad instead.

Maybe you don’t have enough [prereq] values yet.

Suggest you drop the Tips too :unamused: Unless you want a judge that could be bribed :open_mouth: :confused:

well i suppose i could have both a non bribed and a bribed judge? but ok, ill ditch ms word and go fo notepad. Thanks.