Survival mode resets?

Hi all,

New to the forum and GSB. Loving the game so far!

I’m just starting to bang my head against the survivial modes, and after a thorough search of the forum I see that the board has been reset once or twice in the past. My first question is, do the scoreboards get reset every patch, or just when the Power That Be decides there’s been enough changes in ships/components/maps to justify it?

I also realize that a lot of the high scores on the boards are from modded games – so, I’m also curious to know if there are any threads or other places where people can go to chat about un-modded strategies and scores? I just got past the plasma and missile spams in the Orion Ambush using Alliance ships and it was in no small part to some of the tidbits I picked up from reading old threads on this forum.


Non modded survival mission discusion here. There are others.

Welcome aboard, Captain. There is a huge amount of fun waiting for you here in GSB land (space?). And a good forum to support it. Hope you have a great time, and I hope to see your fleets.

Thanks for the welcome, Ramcat!

So far, I’ve done normal and hard for most of the included maps, just to get enough honor to unlock everything.

At the moment I’m playing around with the Alliance in the survival maps. I am learning a lot by trying different strategies, and I love how very small design changes can completely change the nature of a run. It’s a little like walking a knife edge – “oops, I made my ships too fast for their weapon loadouts, now they tend to run things over and suffer explosion damage”, then “oops, I made my ships too slow, they can’t close on the plasma hurlers fast enough”. Same thing with engagement distances, various behaviors, etc.

I haven’t cut my teeth on any challenges yet, but it seems there’s a lot of meat there too.

Yes, the challenge system is loaded with great challenges. Takes a little bit to learn to sort and find them but there are lots out there.

In the future, try the NECs and the SACs, and if you have a buddy try a “Duel Down” (I’m always up for one! (After I’m done testing the campaign though!)). See the Challenge forum for these challenges and many other challenge ideas!

Ramcat, duel-down buddies? (I figure you’ll be done testing the campaign around the same time GSB comes out on STEAM for mac’s :/)

Yes, I’m up for a Duel Down.

Drop me a message on skype, this could be interesting :smiley: