Survival Scores Updates...

Two things:

  1. I’ll be wiping the survival scores tomorrow morning (Sunday 17th January 2010 AM GMT), so take those screenshots of you winning now :D. Then everyone has another chance to be top :smiley:
  2. The survival scores leaderboard has been changed at the server end, so that it only stores your top score for a map. So if you score 900, and then 800, you will only get a single entry in each table. Hopefully this is more satisfying than seeing a single username everywhere :smiley:

Very cool.
Possible that it could become a monthly, prehaps longer thing? Prehaps witha hall of fame, so you can see past entries?
Also, maybe the top 1 or even 5 fleets could be saved on the server. Let us know whos maybe altering a few things to get to the top or such.
The only downside would be you would have to sit through them, or if you release them to the community, everyone can do the same, or adjust till better.

Just thinking of ways to make it more satisfying, as it could be quite interesting, and its uniqunes shouldnt be lost to people who want to cheat for some reason.

I was considering making it a monthly thing. I’ll see how it goes.

Speaking as a very casual player, I am looking forward to a clearing of the boards because I have no idea what the real standing of my scores is. A survival score of ~30K looks pretty good to me when I achieve it; then I go look at the board and there’s nothing lower than 70K in the top 100. But considering how many 0.5 million and higher scores there are, it really doesn’t tell me how I’m doing. Without all the next-order-of-magnitude scores, would I be showing up on the board? I don’t know.

So I can get behind a cyclical clearing of the scores as well. You want the title? Then defend it periodically. :wink:

I know this was probably covered in the Suggestions thread on this topic (I distinctly remember reading it not too many weeks ago, but I’ll be damned if I can find it now), but to address the issue of mods allowing players to post unreachably high scores that knock us kluges out of the running, might it be possible to run parallel scoreboards for the survival missions, one for normal and one for modded?

You’d still have to trust the players to correctly identify whether they’re using mods or not, and of course there will always be jackasses who will do their best to wreck it for everyone by cheating anyway, but it might give unmodded players somewhere with “even playing field” scores to measure ourselves against. And I suspect the majority of players who mod heavily would respect that kind of boundary.

Just a thought I had.