Sustainable Industry Mod

Hi everyone,

I have created a mod that acts as a blanket policy in reducing pollution and improving the environment in transitioning to a greener economy. I’m hoping this policy helps in the catastrophic impacts of maxed GDP and reducing the need to have numerous policies just to get the environment to a decent state.

Please check it out and let me know any feedback, the icon for the policy isn’t the best (not exactly a graphic designer). Enjoy.

Mod link

Neat! I’d argue that it’s a bit expensive for what it does, at least with the game’s current balance where you can generally zero CO2 Emissions, and remove Pollution and Respiratory Disease, without too much trouble. But then again, the game could use an expensive policy in that field, the things you do to keep GDP from completely wrecking Environment at the moment are mostly just a lot of regulation that doesn’t eat a lot off the public budget.

I plan on reducing the effect that GDP has on the environment as well increasing the improvement to environment the policy provides. I also intend to add other policies such as water desalination to fight water shortages and potentially water restrictions, or even a ban consumer plastic policy. The price of the policy is meant to scale down as the environment gets better (which I may alter further so the cost decreases even more so), but the current effect of GDP makes it very difficult for this effect to be more apparent.

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