suugestion of additional hull modifiers

I’d like to see a couple of additional hull modifiers for greater differentiation of hulls/races.

just like the cruiser module, adds to the effective tracking speed of the turret

percentage increase to the damage every weapon on the hull deals

percentage increase to the amount of damage the hull receives from each hit

How bout weapon specific boosts like MISSLEBOOST or LASERBOOST

What about a CrewBoost?

That way you can have the larger ships only needing ONE crew module and have pleanty of crew to man all the guns so to speak without having to keep adding more larger and larger new ones.

I think it would make more sense if larger hulls just came with crew.
In fact, I wouldn’t mind if there were no crew modules, so that crew became a hull-specific resource.

Barring any official version of that (I’m not holding my breath waiting, lol), I use an assortment of modded crew bays to get the job done with as little waste as possible. With a couple that are somewhat smaller than normal and a pair that are huger than huge, I have more options to tailoring crew fulfillment while also adding as little energy usage and parasitic weight as possible to the ship. I know that’s still not as fundamental a shift as you’re proposing, but I happen to find this method to be fun. :slight_smile:

One hull bonus that I’m really surprised nobody else mentioned yet would be…WEIGHTBOOST. This can be used to indirectly simulate different tech levels in service within a nation’s navy. The old stuff is kludgy crap loaded with analog gauges that would make a steampunk fan cry with joy, vacuum tubes, Leyden jars and the occasional dramatically-sparking jacob’s ladder (right out of a black-and-white horror movie). The new stuff fits on a teensy silicon sliver the size of a toenail clipping. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m being cute, of course, but you see what I mean.

Again, I think a fixed weight amount would be cool, so that some ships require more engines, but not necessarily a percentage boost to the weight of all modules.

Fixed amounts of weight, crew, and thrust seem like suitable features to build into the chasis of a hull design.

I agree with some sort of means to set the weight of hulls. I’m not certain that a percentage/“boost” is the way to do that. Then again, that fits, why not WEIGHTBOOST.

But yeah, setting the weight of hulls, would be nice. Brought up in a different thread, though, I think.

Do we know if SPEEDBOOST affects final calculated speed or thrust?

There’s no difference.

yeah, there wouldn’t be, would there

I NEED This for mech diversity of ships, signed in a heartbeat!

Also, dont forget RANGEBOOST