Swarm Fighters

Hey i dont exactly know how this happened, but i just got the swarm, and when i use the swarm seth fighters, they seem automatically produce 7 power and when i use a laser and engine III (dont laugh), it goes at 7 speed. What may have happened is that i moved all my files to the my games folder from the program files folder, but that still doesnt explain the rediculous stats. what’s worse, this seems to work online too. Any help? or should i just not use the swarm seth fighters. i mean, i am all for cheats, but not online, and not till u beat the game (which is why COD 4 worked). also they seem exceptionally cheap, i was able to use all 300 ships on whichever challange (against rebels) that gives u 300 pilots.

Odd. Swarm Seth Fighters in my game only go up to 3 power.

I don’t know the real stats of swarm fighters but a change of 3 to 7 power produced can only mean something or someone modified that hull txt file. I can only recommend to reinstall the swarm because other hulls could also be affected.

Mine has them producing something over 3 power.

I tried your scenario 4586829. It wouldn’t play, as if it’s been modded.

Same. I was going to swarm Rebel Fighters and my Anti-Fighter Tyr Frigates but it crashed GSB for me.

ok, when i get home i will unistall everything and reinstall it, thanks for all the advice!

hmm, i took look at the text files and it seemed like everything had elevated numbers. could someone email me the txt files for the hulls and modules? My email is vazeron1@gmail.com

Just redownload it using your original download link and reinstall it.

my original dl link expired