Swarm Survival -- Swarms Nest

Seeing as the Swarm is supposed to have “wave after wave” of forces, never exhausting its ship supply, I made a survival to fit that. I scraped this up quickly, so it uses the same deployments as the first Swarm mission (i.e. wave 1 is normal, wave 2 is hard, etc.). it fits well together though:

Wave 1: The clash starts with a frontal skirmish.
Wave 2: Reinforcements for the Swarm arrive, keeping the player’s forces busy still.
Wave 3: The Swarm launches three groups, with the player focusing on the middle while the top and bottom move in to squash the enemy.

Rinse and repeat until you die. o_O


If you try to post your score, it will work, but that first score you see (an incredibly low score with the star wars fleet) by me is just a test for the survival to make sure you didn’t think I was a fat bastard who didn’t correct errors >.<

Put swarm_survival.txt into your swarm/data/scenarios folder, and swarm_survival folder into your swarm/data/deployments folder.

No one likey? :frowning:

I haven’t bought the Swarm yet; sad, but true. I’m presently up to my neck in other player-generated content!

More content is always welcome, whether Cliff made it or not :slight_smile:

I don’t believe in no-win scenarios. :smiley:


plan on trying it out after work today :slight_smile:

someone finally gets to play it other than me xD

sounds like a good idea, when I have time okay :stuck_out_tongue:

yay :smiley:

So its taken me a while to get to this scenario but I have a couple of suggestions. The first is that to advance the next wave is a little weird. It appears it is mostly dependent on destroying the cruisers. This can be really nice/annoying depending on fleet config and orders. It has either allowed me to be able to regroup as all of my ships clump up and organize as they power towards the last cruiser. Conversely if I can pop them early I get smashed by a back up of dozens of frigates. A percentage of ships destroyed or other trigger may be more useful to keep the flow even and more pressure on the player.

The second is that a larger variety of waves would also be ideal, possibly paired with multiple entry points.

whos talking about a no-win scenario?
just create a fleet good enough to survive until the game crashes on itself,then blame it on the AI cheating when it cant win

Downloaded. I’ll eventually try it out, but due to the competing demands of making my own custom race and playing DDO, I might not get to it for a while.

Thanks for the work i was just thinking that there are missing some missions and endless combats.