Sympathy please...

…My last game went from 70% vs 30% to 0% vs 30% because my ships stopped firing at the cruiser in range. Darnit!

And no, it wasn’t within my minimum range for the weapon. Sometimes Vulture order doesn’t work!


well,i have to convince i almost stopped using vulture a long time ago… try a combination of no orders except priorities and maybe cooperative/retaliate
isually i dont bother with orders at all,i just make the ships stay in some sort of a formation and set them loose

I recently noticed similar problems when playing the scenarios. i would set my ships to co-operate. and to target frigates, yet they would still fire on cruisers and independent targets. it is the first time i noticed it and hopefully it won’t happen again.

in addition to the above, i also tried removing the attack cruisers option for my cruisers and though a the first 1-2 targets would be a frigate, after them my ships would target a cruiser despite a frigate being well within range.

Yes, I’ve posted the same thing/bug with fighters. I left it running for a week, with the fighters just circling the wounded ship (which was so damaged that it couldn’t fire), but my fighters wouldn’t attack it.

wow one week, now that’s what i call dedication!! Congrats for the willpower :slight_smile:

It seems that the last update messed up almost all the orders, for example i dont know it this is made on purpose but, if u put a escort order on a ship to make it escort withing more than 400 range, that ship will just ignore the escort order -.- I cant remember time ago if this still happening, but i remember making deployments with higher values on the escort range. I wanted to make 1 group of ships escorting another group of ships at 1000 range, and when the first group is destroyed, the second one goes forward to attack. But it didnt work, the second group just ignored it and went directly to the front line , just next to the first group.

I have had similar problems, recently i tried placing anti fighter ships in the corners of the map and luring enemy fighters there with the slowest fighters i could make. but when i set the escort command to 400 and hit fight, the fighters started out within 400 range opposed to the centre of the map where they had been placed.

has anyone else had this problem?

I dont know, there are too many bugs in the order screen. If Clinfski see this post, maybe he can answer all the questions we have. Another thing that should be improved is the incompatibilty of the “keep moving” order with “formation” or “escort”, its ridiculous the need to put a “escort” order in a ship, and when the escorted ship is destroyed the ship behind gets stucked firing only with its max range weapons cuz it doesnt have the “keep moving” order. Of course, that ship will be totally destroyed because it will only be using the weapon that have maximum range.