tactical fun with Multi-Beam Tractors

So, anyone done much experimenting with the new multi-target tractors yet from game patch 1.61?
I managed to literally stop the entire fleet with this thing. Fighters, frigates, cruisers; nothing on their side moved while it was active. (Sorry Praetors, I just quickly picked the biggest map I had unlocked) OP? Yes. Informative? Yes. Would I use this in a mod if it could be balanced? Yes.

That is really cool (also kinda funny). Out of curiosity, exactly how many projectors are we seeing here? And I assume you ratcheted up the strength pretty ridiculously?

Well thats a big F U to rush fleets…

Well, I set it to 2047 (full 12 digit in binary) projectors. Weight and range were both set to 10000, which freezes anything on any map. Tracking was set to 5. Duration was ridiculously raised too.

damn… poor Praetorians lol

Petty funny pic sir xD
I’ve been making my own tests since the new patch, something called gavity well generator, dampering fields and things like that. The main problem is that i want to change the tractor graphics, wich are hardcoded… damnit!..
Thats the reason of why i’ve stopped my experiments with tractor beams…

Nothing personal, I just quickly picked a large scenario I had unlocked.

Working with traactors are a bit more dull due to the hardcodedness. If you could mod the images to allow it to look more like a field, for example, that could make more to work with.

I feel proud that this works without crashing :smiley:
I think the maximum number of projectors is probably the integer limit, so 2,147,483,647 :smiley:

I didn’t get around to test the combat effects of this yet, but other than possibly some lag on my lower-end GPU (don’t worry too much about that, as GSB runs surprisingly smooth 99% of the time, and rest is generally mod-related) I don’t think there will be many issues, as the non-combat version ran very smoothly.

… Can I get one of those projectors? Because if I could do that to an enemy fleet with one of my Star Blazers mod fleets, it would be gloriously funny.

What do you write in .txt to add multi-projectors?

Thanks in advance.