Take a look at cruiser lasers?

As sort of discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4456.

To sum up the main points from that thread:

  1. (Me) The CL is either much, much too effective or much, much too cheap compared to other weapons. Similarly, there is no incentive to ever choose the Quantum Blaster. It needs either a salvo, a fire-rate decrease, or a big cost/weight increase.
  2. (Everyone) Distance-keeping is next to impossible. This is bad for ranged fleets.

To sum up my proposed changes:

  1. Move the CL from its current ~45 DPS to something more like ~25-27 DPS, which is still more than most current weapons (less only than rad guns firing against unshielded/unarmored hull[1]), but only by 15-20% (instead of 100%, as it is now). Otherwise leave it the same, or maybe even make it a bit lighter-weight.
  2. Double the CL’s cost. Otherwise leave it the same.

[1] Supposing this is correct: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4395

I’d be partial to “incredible weight increase” if more maneuverability options come into play.

This has the added benefit of not invalidating thousands of existing challenges by causing existing ship designs to change price or become illegal.

QB could then fill a sort of lightweight role if its anaemic damage was upped a tad.

It’s not that effective, first you need to get in a very short range. Second doesn’t have that good tracking. So if you are smart and try to fight on decently sized maps with missiles or whatever you want, you will get engines.
Nerfing in any way the Cruiser Laser, will only make racial versions even more overpowered than they are.