target booster module



whats the exact effect of this thing?
it says “target boost strength 0.10”, but what does it improve?

i couldn’t notice any accuracy improvement of my plasma cannons with two of those mudules installed, and i don’t like to give away more than 2 slots fthem.



well, for one, if there’s more than one target booster (this counts for some other modules, like shields and armor) their effectiveness is reduced. i don’t know what exactly is reduced, but it just doesn’t get as good. i think each booster’s percentage (and this only counts for boosters) is reduced by 40% for each one you add (except the first). second, the target booster’s effect is in the description. sometimes your weapons still miss though, even if it’s tracking speed (the speed that it can accurately shoot at a target; if it’s tracking speed is faster than the enemy ship’s engines, it’ll probably hit it) is higher than the enemy’s engine speed. like, if you had some kind of modded cannon that had a tracking speed of 0.13, a target booster 1 (you know, the red target booster), which has a target boost strength of 0.10, would raise the modded cannon’s tracking speed from 0.13 to 0.23. i still don’t use them though. xD



thank you so much for your explanation!
you also answered another question, i was really wondering why my shields loose effectiveness when i install more than one. though i don’t see much sense in this…

i figured from the description that the target booster must have something to do with hitting the target, but was unsure since i couldn’t notice a difference during battle or in the battle report.

i already guessed this module isn’t very effective, but with those penalties and actually little to no effect it is a total waste of slots.
hm, seems that half of the modules available are nothing more than eyecandy…

anyways, thanks again


It depends what weapons you have, and what you are shooting aat and their speed. If you are using plasma torpedoes to shoot at fast moving frigates, you really benefit from target boosters. Using quantum blasters for close-in fights with near-stationary cruisers would get little benefit from them…



so it strongly depends on the target aswell you say.

hm, i will give it another try then and do some more testing…