Target Painters for Frigates

I’ve had the game for about two weeks now, and I’m having a great time - been through all the base scenarios ( I haven’t purchased Tribe or Order yet) as the Feds…

There is one particular gap that I wish could be filled – why isn’t there a Target Painter module for Frigates? I mean, fighters can mount these things, why not Frigates?

Right now to make a truly effective anti-fighter escort frigate, I need to attach a few Painter Fighters as escorts to the AAF. While this makes for a pretty effective combo [ AAF escorts Cruiser(s), 3 or so PFs escort the AAF ] and I see attacking fighter swarms dissolve quickly, this seems wasteful of fighters to me.

Or am I missing something? prepares for embarrassment

At the moment it would be a bit pointless, seeing as frigates die way faster than fighters or cruisers. I’ll add “frigate target painter” and “frigate target tracker” to the list of modules for my mod though.

I usually hide my frigates behind my cruisers and have them “escort” the cruiser, basically adding hard points to cover off AA, EMP and disruptor bombs. Putting the frigates in front just gets them killed, and they would have to be in front to use the target painters.

Has anyone had success with a leading row of frigates that would make the target painter work? I can only see it working in challenges where cruisers are banned.

well,if you make frigates fast enough their survivability raises significantly, but you also need to tune up their orders to keep moving and not get too close to anything, which is pretty hard
i began experimenting with frigates and it was effective to a limited degree, but yeah,once they get close to the front line they tend to just spontaneously explode

It would be Very useful to be able to separately set the Maximum and Minimum Hold Distances,
instead of the minimum automatically being half the maximum engagement distance.

Just default the minimum hold distance to half the maximum engagement distance.