Target painters-->rockets?


I forgot, do target painters affect rockets besides missiles?


yes, but not perfectly


That’s too bad, I just don’t seem to able to find any use for rockets, especially as an alternative to imperial laser beam…they are very flimsy.


decent source of dps, they can penetrate average cruiser shields so thats better than imperial beam. also a bit longer range i think…

i find them useful for mid-short range combat


I don’t know about that, I compared with imperial beam setup and rockets setup, Imperial beam lasers destroy frigates far more quickly. Maybe it’s the visual thing but with rockets it takes forever to kill anything.


imperial beam can’t seem 2 penetrate cruiser shields in my experience…

but then again i don’t have a lot of experience…


Thing is, everybody and their brother use reflective shields on cruisers if given the choice, and, correct me if I’m wrong, no (stock/dlc) beam weapon except the Swarm Disruption beam has a shield penetration of 27 or higher.


I use fast recharge shields, the reflective resistance difference is only 3, so you are still covered against most beam type weapons.


ya… but the fusion beam is still annoying…