Target pointer

Does it just work with that ship that its on or shouldnt it be helping all the other ships as well?
With a 4 cruisers with pointer and 4 missle cruiser I am still seeing a ton of missing.

If their target is currently being painted, all the missiles should hit. The painter does not need to be on the ship firing the missile.


  1. You might still miss fighters (simply because the missile might never actually get close enough, as some fighters can turn so much faster than they can.)
  2. Missiles are still vulnerable to the guidance scrambler beam (which will make the missile go wild and rather spectacularly miss,) and to other point defense weapons.

The target painter is excellent, if you are using a missile heavy fleet. I haven’t used one for a little while, but last time I did they seemed to be working fine.

ok thats what I thought
perhaps it is just scramblers
which i have not used much at all
thanks for the answer

I am starting to play with Missle Frigates.