Targetting Question

I’m at work and can’t test this, but I have a question about targetting/attack orders:

If I delete an attack order, will the ships completly ignore that class of target, or only ignore it if there are no other targets around?

I don’t want my rocket fighters sucked into a dogfight, but at the same time I don’t want them to be useless after they’ve hunted down the enemy frigates. It seems like if I even leave them at 1% priority to attack fighters, they still attack fighters that blitz ahead of the main fleet and only go for the frigates when they get in range. If I delete the “Attack Fighters” order, will they still go after fighters if there’s nothing left to shoot?

Similarly, if I have a cruiser that I set to 1% “Attack Fighters”, they still dodge and weave when the fighters come instead of pushing through to the enemy cruiser line. If I delete the attack fighters order, would they still shoot at the little punks when they come in range? :slight_smile:

As far as I know, setting them to 1% vs fighters WILL set them to attack fighters as soon as they come in range.
But setting the Frigate percentage higher will instruct the fighters to fly toward the enemy frigates rather than get distracted by dogfighting fighters. They’ll still shoot as they fly by the fighters, however, but they’ll try to engage with the frigates as soon as possible if their percentage is significantly higher than everything else. It depends how far away the nearest frigate is. The farther away it is, the higher percentage is necessary to order the fighter to fly toward it.

However, I’ve heard that those only apply after the first kill and that at the beginning all ships will fly toward the nearest applicable target, whichever that might be.

Without an attack fighters order, your cruisers will still shoot at the little punks so long as there aren’t any better targets in range. They’ll also just rumble on by.