task rules


when i built a slot for a task that is included in a general slot (e.g. fit engine and fit wheels), there should be the option to create rule to stop the Wheel task in the engine slot. There should be the Option to choose what kind of objects are mounted there in the slot. So there must be the function to exclude models from one task e.g. in an array table.

There sould be the posibility to choose the kind and the amount of the material in the slot stock.

thank you

upgrade the reasearch and you will be able to build the subparts of each assembly in seperate stations.

still, the time it takes might not be fully apealing anyway :slight_smile:

It is not the same… If I would like to produce cars with only power steering, why i have to build every fit from engine? It should be posible to delete or deaktivate the fit task for steering in the fit engine. Of course it work only if i seperate the last task in the row. But that way I don’t need to delete and construct everythink again.