Tax evasion reduction mod help

i downloaded a mod that said it was a policy that would reduce those most annoying tax evasion and black market problems but it did’nt. I tried editing it so it would work but it keeps failing. Here is the txt from the text file, if anyone could correct it so it works it would be much appreciated.

#,taxfraud,Tax Fraud Department,taxfraud,“A tax fraud department drastically reduces the amount of tax evasion and the black market in your society. It is generally liked by middle income groups and socialists, because it is seen as taking on the cheaters.”,15,10,10,12,TAX,15,200,4,#Effects,“TaxEvasion,-0.09-(0.1x)","BlackMarket,-0.09-(0.1x)”,“MiddleIncome,0.05+(0.03x)","Socialist,0.03+(0.02x)”,

Well ive been working on my own mod, and have finished the tax evasion part of it weeks ago. However since no one (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2244) replied to the thread i assumed no one else wanted the mod… Anyway, give me ur email and i will email you my mod within a day or two

Thanks, much appreciated. (nothing too fancy)

Was there a point to quoting what I said?

Out of interest, what is wrong with the code?