Tax evasion

Why is it that, when tax evasion reaches an epidemic, the only way to stop it is to lower taxes? Why can’t we just make it harder for people to evade tax in the first place and/or make the penalties for evading tax so harsh that they don’t think it’s worth the risk?

Hello, is anyone there?

What sort of penalties did you have in mind? Jail time?

On another note, is it possible for the game be modeled to make certain voter group averse to taxes? Conservatives, the wealthy and capitalists would obviously be opposed to any sort of tax increase.

Well, in the “Law and Order” section on the far left, where it has things such as “prison funding,” “police force,” and “community watch programs,” why don’t those those things have an adverse affect on tax evasion, just like it does with crime?

I mean, people are always going to commit crimes; that’s why any good government needs law enforcement capable of handling such crime. Tax evasion is no different. Why is the only way to stop tax evasion, to give into their demands? Why don’t we just friggin’ PUNISH them?

Ho ho! Certain voter groups adverse to taxes? You mean EVERYONE EVER? XD

I really wanna buy it now in the hopes that it’s just the demo that doesn’t work so well…
But I have a feeling that wouldn’t work. :confused:
I really wanna implement my police state : (

Tax shelters should reduce tax evasion, but that doesn’t happen in this game.

Agreed, I would think that the intelligence service, or the police would be able to take care of the issue. Ever find out why Al Capone went to jail? Tax evasion.

I just tried the demo. I’m a bit disappointed I can’t save the game as I don’t have much time to sit and play.

As for taxation, I lowered income and sales tax to 0 to improve poverty and raised corp. tax to offset it. Ironically, I still had income tax evasion from individuals (about 15%) even with a 0 income tax policy. Seems like its a bug to me.

LOL dude, sales tax docent affect evasion idiot, it’s Corp. And income, so if the Corp.Tax is high it docent matter,lmao on your reply padman…

I kind of wondered about this too. There should definitely be something in the law section that decreases tax evasion. No one likes high taxes, but when you start the game with a deficit and in debt, low taxes aren’t going to help solve the problem.

The main reason I can imagine is the higher the taxes the more creative people will be with evading taxes (unless you’re a liberal politician then you can blatantly evade them) There really should be no reason to have high enough taxes for people to want to evade them though, lower taxes is more friendly to businesses which brings income into the country while higher taxes squeezes companies forcing them to shrink and forces money out of the country. (Common sense)