Taxis - Like a Giraffe in a China Shop

Has anyone EVER actually used the Taxi? I’m quite keen to hear if/when people find it strategically worthwhile, or even if it’s possible to have a job where the taxi will result in a net profit for the day AT ALL.

Wayno, never ever, ever never

It’s physically impossible to use a taxi, since they practically charge 100 dollars a mile.

It doesn’t seem like cars are cost-effective either. I know that’s pretty real world, but I don’t know how they’d make my character happier if he did use them. I’ve just been using the bus with an umbrella and MP3 player for the entire game after I couldn’t ride a bike.

Hmmmm, I wonder if Cliffski added these are some obscure functional device, or if they were a personal joke and a stab at the uselessness of taxis? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cars should be less cost-effective than motobikes, which should be less effective than the bus, but I think the taxis are taking things a little extreme :slight_smile:

Also does anyone have any idea if you can change/set the distance to work for any jobs? I know they’re quasi-random at the game’s start, but surely there’s some way to control them.

Wayno, with nothing much to say