[TC] Gratuitous Stargate Battles

Gratuitous Stargate Battles

Gratuitous Stargate Battles (GSGB ;)) is going to be hopefully the first total conversion for GSB. Taking the games universe gratuitously into the spaces of Stargate. I’m aiming to have the final product feel nothing like GSB and at the same time feel exactly like GSB. This means completly custom graphics for everything I can get my hands on, as well as new modules, music, ships, scenarios, unlockables and more. Currently a lot of the images I’m using are from beyond the web and I get rather pedantic about this things so once I get the basics of the game down I’ll be re-doing a lot of them to match the final feel of the game as I can’t stand things looking out of place.


Current Features:

  • 4 New races to replace the current ones. (I’ll possibly be adding in another race or two once I get the original four finished)
  • Custom ship graphics for two of the races as well as new shield effects.
  • UI redesign (Still in progress as I’ve yet to find out where everything is hiding)

Wow. This already looks extremely cool. I wish I had everything else done and finished so i could dedicate serious time to modding support for this kind of thing

Having you say it already looks extremely cool is great motivation for this project :smiley: That’s why I love Indie stuff it always feels more personal.

I think at the rate I’m going I should be able to get my first release out by the end of a week if not earlier, albeit a limited release (a beta of a beta?)

I like it ALOT! Hurry up and finish it so I can play

Good stuff, id suggest removing the engine exhausts. Btw how did you manage to make new races selectable?

It looks like by replacing the old ones entirely.

I’ve gotta get around to replacing all the turrets and other little doodads on the ships but it’s a pain doing it by editing the text file so it’ll take some time (Cliffski should release his tools to the public :wink: ).

As for having the new races selectable, like Hyperkultra said I just completly replaced the original ones as I couldn’t simply remove them without crashing the game but I’ve found just adding a new file to the ‘data\races’ generally adds a new selectable race into the list as I managed to get a rather large selectable list happening as I was messing around.

Wait, really?? Are you sure you can choose to play as that race? When I added a custom race, it shows up fine but it’s “locked” - you can’t actually click the “select” button and the hulls don’t show up on the ship builder. If you’ve found a way around this please share.

Yep, hulls only show if the race unlocked, and all races are unlocked by beating missions in different difficulty levels, and there are 3 difficulties, so 4 races is the max. Unless cliff added something new in 1.07(last time i tried this was 1.06).

Throumbas is right. Sorry for getting your hopes up I hadnt’ really looked into that bit too much.

Hopefully Cliffski will let us edit this data in the future but I guess for now it’s impossible unless you want to group different races under the same ‘name’ and let the player play them properly.

edit: Pretty pointless but I figured i’d add it anyway. You can at least ‘select’ one of the custom races by changing the data in the config folder where your personal data is (screenshots, ships, etc)

How ever the race is still locked so you can’t actually access any of there hulls or modules let alone select them again if you change races :confused:

OK, gotcha, and no worries :smiley:

I have figured out how to select the custom race, but only out of game. Here’s the hacky workaround:

Find this file: …\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\config.txt

At the bottom you should see:

[config] [race] race = alliance

Change the race to whatever the name is in your race file. It still doesn’t help select hulls, unfortunately. However, you can load up existing designs using that model and save them, which comes to the same thing. Here’s to hoping Cliffski gets around to adding support for this stuff eventually.

Version 1.09 (in development) will allow a simple

alwaysunlocked = 1

In the race files

Perfect :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for that Cliffski. Would it help you with development if we created a thread to discuss/generate a list of features that are important to modability? Just so you would know what things we’d like to see in future patches instead of having to get bugged about things randomly?

Also in TC news with the news of having more races unlocked I’ve already begun preparing the new list of races/ships(hulls) and have started creating some models to use in the game.

That sounds like it’d be really useful.

Great news, Cliffski! Thanks a lot.

RobbieEl, Hyperkultra, and everyone really, I went ahead and started a modding suggestion topic: Requested Moddability Features Thread

I’m definitely willing to help out with this mod, if you want. It’s going to be awesome :smiley:

Edit: Some links
Scale of various ships with sprites
Tau’ri fleet: stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Tau%27ri_fleet
Goa’uld fleet: stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Goa%27uld_fleet
Wraith fleet: stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Wraith_fleet

Any update on how the mod is doing?

I’m curious also. If I had time I would start this myself because the op has posted in a long while…

are you even working on it at all? the OP’s been there for quite a while…

No guarantees I’ll start this, but I’ll start doing some conceptual work tomorrow, as I have a train ride in and out of NYC. If we’re assuming that this mod is no longer being worked on, then we should start with lists of pertinent hulls, weapons, races, and shields. I feel that we will probably have to improvise in some sections…