Technical Issues

I have had a couple of technical issues with the game since downloading the full version. I got a new computer for Christmas and downloaded the full game onto it before running a demo on this particular computer.

The first issue is that I cannot play the game in full screen. It will display somewhat in full screen, but not correctly. The picture is distorted, and the window border is still visible when in full screen, covering up the top portion, preventing me from being able to see the stats at the very top such as ‘Poverty,’ ‘Equality,’ ‘Literacy,’ etc.

The second issue is that the programme periodically crashes all of a sudden for no apparent reason. However, upon reading another thread I just deleted the sound files for the music a few minutes ago and I am unaware as to whether that may have fixed that particular issue.

I am running Windows 8. Running in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP SP3 does not fix the full screen display problem.

Thank You.