Technical Problem

I just purchased Democracy 2 and when I try to validate my product, it completely locks up my computer. Any suggestions?

A firewall blocking the application and your computer with it?

Almost certainly true. The easiest way to check this is to hold down the alt key and hit enter, this will toggle the game into windowed mode (if you are running a desktop resolution higher than 1024x768). then click the update button and you will see your firewall complaining. Or better still, tell your firewall to allow the game to connect to the web. It only needs to connect once, at that point, in order to verify the code. or you could temporarily disable your firewall.

I am having the same problem, and my firewall is off. I hope i don’t get charged multiple times for the same id key

Hi, you certainly will not get charged again. I will investigate what’s going on by trying your code here and then email you.

Thank you. For some reason it’s working now. I basically told it to uninstall, then reinstalled. That seemed to fix it. I have no idea WHY, but heck weirdness happens.