Technology Backwater in Japan, Canada, UK

First, thanks for making these excellent mods.

The only problem is that Japan, UK & Canada start with the debilitating tech backwater situation, and it takes years to grow to a technologically-advantaged society even after investing in science, tech, stem cell research etc. While there are less developed pockets of civilization, not to mention cheapskate or badly-run businesses in these lands, overall they’re advanced countries and shouldn’t be considered backwaters.

I can’t find any way to start without the tech backwater situtation, and I don’t have Excel, so I couldn’t edit the csv “situation” file even if I knew how. Is there another way to make it so I can start playing these countries without “tech backwater?”

I haven’t figured out what is ‘Backwater’. You educate me there. Thanks. I’ll update myself with this situation.

Technology backwater is basically technological potential. Too much of it and you lag in new technological achievements, zero is the natural flow of technology without political influence, and to go negative is a tech surplus.