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I’m currently working on a race mod which consists of a fusion of Empire and Rebel ships.

I’m still working out the details and capabilities of the race and have yet to select a name, but am using a working title of Foundation. The story behind them will revolve around either the early Rebels, or a knock-off of Asimov’s Foundation series. (Hence my working title.) All ship models are currently named after the stars closest to the Sun, but I may later transfer this to another mod.

I currently have a cruiser and fighter hull created; though the fighter could use some work, especially on the cannons.

I’m open to any comments, suggestions, etc on what I have so far.

Excelent, another forum member takes up the challange, welcome to the new world of modding Tek0516 :slight_smile:

I applaude your choice of races, they should create some intersting ships from the fusion of the two.
Some advice i can offer straight away:

  • Never flatten the original file.
  • Keep multiple saves of the original file as you evolve the design
  • When fusing 2 two ships, try various components across multiple layers

Disclaimer: The following is only an opinion and should be treated as such.

Wolf Fighter: I like the idea and what you have done.

  • I am a fan of underslung weapons, so i threw two cannons on the front of the fighter.
  • To add a bit of “sleakness” i have moved the aux engines back. (and added another set of cannons for good measure)

Centauri Cruiser: Again, I like how you have added in the defensive ring around the Rebel cruiser

  • I moved it back slightly so that its centered more around the command deck and it “appears” to be attached to the hull.
  • The defensive ring on the image below is in need of more greebling (mainly because it looks too “light/flimsy” when compared to the original)

So thats my 2 cents worth, keep your ship designs comming :slight_smile:

Thank you darkstar for your comments. I’ve used some of your ideas and a couple of my own to modify them a bit.

I’ve also designed a mostly unrelated module. High penetration and tracking, and a lightning fire rate, but 1 damage. I tested it out, as seen below. As you can probably tell, it’s a little overpowered so I’ll have to weaken it, or strengthen slightly and increase it’s requirements so it has limited deployment capabilities.

Welcome to the world of modding (and kitbashing), Tek! I like what you’ve done with the Rebel and Empire parts (and somehow the name “Foundation” feels quite accurate). I think there will be good things to see coming out of this mod! (No pressure, there. :D)

Ideas started clicking and I came up with a great mod idea for my race which will, in addition to multiple hulls and modules, include a 3 part scenario . I’ve also got a super-weapon (hull and module(s)) planned for this thing as well.

I’ve got the hulls ready for the first version of my mod. All that’s really left is coding the hulls and scenario for the part 1 of the release. Here’s my current hulls and the damaged sprite for my fighters. I’m trying out a different way of creating the damaged texture, so feel free to comment on that.

I too like what I see! Allow me to welcome you to the world of GSB modding as well!

Concerning your module…great minds think alike: I have a similar “Gatling Beam” in development for Union’s “Upgrade Package” and possibly the two EASIEST ways you can balance such a device would be to put it on a salvo interval, AND lower the tracking speed…of course adjusting the crew/power/weight/penetration values might also produce the results you want.

In short, when it comes to modding there’s more than 1 way to do things.

IF I may, I’d like to offer some ideas for names for your as yet unnamed mod

“The Reclaimed”: The idea being that these are Rebels that have decided to RETURN to the Empire, bringing their ships with them to be experimented on and integrated into the Imperial Fleet

“The Rogues”: REVERSE the idea of the Reclaimed…these are Imperials that have defected to the Rebel side, taking their ships with them

Feel free to use this, discard them, or best of all let them pave the way for your own inspiration.

I actually decided to stick with Foundation, though not for my original reasons. My whole idea is a secret, unexpected alliance between 2 of the Great Races, with a plan to set the foundation for something truly great. I’ll explain more once I get version 1.0 up and running, I’d like to keep most of it secret for the moment.

Don’t know if anyone’s tried these yet, but I was playing around and made a couple interesting deployment layouts. I didn’t play around with enemy locations much, but you can see how these could get interesting with the right AI deployments. Sorry about screenshot size, forgot to reduce.

Close Encounters: both sides can be deployed anywhere on the map. With proper spread it could really push formations

Flanked: Enemies on both sides of you, requiring you to split your fire. If you mix races you can create a 3-way battle effect. The inverse of this layout does not work.

Surrounded: Enemies from all sides, blocked off from left wall; could really push your defense ability. Since you can control AI angle it really could make it interesting. Could make a great survival map. An inverse can not be made.