Telecommuting initiative and productivity

I’d say the last year has proven this point. As the current circumstance we live in has forced employers to take a real look at what work honestly requires workers to be at work in person, they’ve found as a side effect that many workers are more productive when working from home. What I’m hearing from many unrelated sources is that this year has turned into a real proving of who’s who in the work place. It’s been proving who really carries the company, who doesn’t honestly do much, and who is actively disruptive.

Who this year has been particularly damning for is the type who go around the workplace tapping their watch at people, chasing the employees out of the break room when they were talking about work, nagging people about irrelevant micro goals, randomly re-assigning workers who were in the middle of a job, adding themselves to information chains they didn’t need to be a part of so they could seem useful by controlling the keys to information and fabricating a trail of importance by having their email address tagged in all the important emails. Employers are starting to catch on to who’s “redundant” in this picture, now that self managed employees are proving to be more productive than they ever were at the office.

So, I advocate adding a link between telecommuting initiative and productivity.


I was gonna disagree… then I Googled it.

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