Temperature = CO2 + Foreign relations

I heard cliff say in a video that in Dem4 temperature would be solely a factor of CO2 emissions, and to be honest I was slightly disappointed, why not just use make it a combination of foreign relations and CO2? Then it is both under your control, and it is more realistic: Reducing CO2 in one country does, after all, not really make a big impact on overall emissions, but combining it with good foreign relations leads to other countries also adopting similar policies.

Hey…this is a very good point. I guess I should make it just scaled BY your foreign relations. This could be both positive AND negative. So if you are reducing CO2, and foreign relations are high, global CO2 should go up, and vice versa. So foreign relations is just a multiplier on your impact, which could be bad (arguably), if you are a country with huge CO2 emissions but strong public relations (emboldening other countries to copy your CO2 emitting ways…).

Right now the equation is

AverageTemperature = 0 +(0.25*CO2Emissions)

But actually it should probably be

AverageTemperature = 0 +(0.25*CO2Emissions * ForeignRelations)

I will make this change, although because FR should default to 0.5, it should change to

AverageTemperature = 0 +(0.5*CO2Emissions * ForeignRelations)

To have the same effect

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Awesome to have you actually responded! And it sounds like this would be a great implementation, can’t wait to buy the game and save my country from climate change! :slight_smile:


Could you also just add a checkmark box to remove the effects of “year” on game, which the player has no control over?

I need to do a check for all the places where that has an impact and check they still make sense…

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