Template for mods?

Hey, I’m new to modding this game and i am super lost in what i need to do. I can make my images and stuff, but how the text files and such work and what text files are needed. I’m just wondering if someone could post a template that could help in modding. Any help would really be nice, not to mention it would help other newbies.

i’m too lazy to provide instructions myself. :wink: but you can get instructions from looking around the modding forum. like, a bunch of the threads. good luck! :smiley: BTW it’s actually really easy, but the complicated instructions are hard to give. D:

I also just started modding this game (currently working on a Light Cruiser design). It’s actually pretty straight forward.

Here’s what you need:
\data\bitmaps\ships<race><ship class name>
-> ship_name.dds
-> ship_name_damaged.dds
-> ship_name_hulk.dds

\data\hulls<race name>
-> ship_name.txt

The text file describes everything about the ship. Best way to start modding one is to copy/paste an existing ship and change the values as appropriate. It’s pretty straight forward.

This thread explains the process in a lot more detail:


thank you for your help