ten years

is there any opsition to make the game longet then ten years???

not at the moment, but is this a popular request? maybe I can make it never-ending as an option in the next patch?

thet can be cool i have some more suggestion like job problam i mean more option at work thet you need to solve new items ofcurse option to get married???

Starts humming the tune from Never-ending Story

I would kind of like to see that option. Even if it only made the game longer by another 10 or 20 years. I always get to the decade mark and go…“I wonder what I could have done in the next 10”

I think having a 10 year limit is good, gives you something to work towards.

When you get to 10 years maybe have a dialog pop up saying you can continue if you want but not score more points? Kinda like the Civ games maybe?

i think the best thing you put time limit on option like 10,20,30 and unlimited years

I think I’ll give you the option to continue in the end game dialog. I’m busy working on this stuff that creates a webpage for your character at the moment.

this sounds like a great idea (the webpage sounds cool too).

Yeah - some of the big careers barely get started before the 10 years are up, especially if you do lots of socialising.

I love the webpage option. It’d be nice to see a summary and such of your life.

would anyone like to be a beta tester for the web stuff? just email me if you would.

It would be awesome to see an option to make the game last longer than 10 years, particularly if more and more new content is going to be added, because very often you only really get the money to start doing anything by the time 10 years is nearly up.

option is in and being tested. expect a patch tommorow :smiley:

thet sound cool

is thet patch comming today?

its live now, check the patch page for details

thet great i cant wait

I haven’t updated in a week or so. What (if any) new feature was added in the most recent patch? Was any bugs fixed? I’ve never had any problems playing the game recently.